Honda VFR800F Insurance

Honda VFR800F Insurance

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Honda VFR800F Description

The new Honda VFR800F comes with a lighter body, a better low to mid-range power and refined V4 engine for a beastly performance on the tracks. It is powered by a 782cc liquid-cooled, fuel injected engine that delivers high responsiveness.

With a mix of elegantly shaped angles and curves, the VFR800F’s bodywork is distinctive. The riding position is made comfortable by a slim, middle and broad seat. Together with the LED taillights, the rear indicators glow in the dark to provide maximum visibility.

Do You Need Insurance?

It is legally required to insure your bike before you can ride it on public roads. Aside from this, getting an insurance cover protects you and your bike from unforeseen situations.

Types of Insurance Policy

There are three types of Honda VFR800F insurance policies you can purchase. These policies offer different coverage and are available at varying costs.

Third Party Insurance

This policy covers the damages and injuries of third parties. It doesn’t cover injuries you sustain or damages to your bike.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

Along with covering third parties’ damages and injuries, this policy also covers costs of repairing or replacingyour bike if it’s damaged in a fire or stolen.

Comprehensive Cover

This offers the best Honda VFR800F insurance coverage. It coversdamages to your bike, personal injuries and medical treatment. Also, it protects you against third parties’ injuries and damages to their properties.

Factors that Affects the Cost of Insurance

The cost of Honda VFR800F insurance is determined by some of the following factors including:

Your Location

If you live in a place with a high rate of theft cases, your insurance rate will be higher.


Your insurance premium cost could reduce if you install some security features such as an alarm on your bike. Keeping your motorbike in a locked garage also reduces insurance premium.


Do you ride your bike every day or only once in a while for recreation? If you use your bike frequently, you pay more insurance premium.


Modifying your bike could add more pounds to your premium. Hence, it’s better to go with the standard build if you want low premium rates.

Get the Best Honda VFR800F Insurance Quotes Now

It’s incredibly fast and super easy to get the best Honda VFR800F insurance quotes. Simply fill in a single application form, and within minutes, we’ll send you the best quotes. You can Request your free quote or call us on 0333 577 6406 to get started.

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