Honda Super Cub C125 Insurance

Honda Super Cub C125 Insurance

Available at just a few thousand pounds, the new Honda Super Cub C125is equipped with enough modern technology to earn the love of bikers, including you of course! And with the cheapest Honda Super Cub C125 insurance policy, you can revel in its practicality without losing sleep about its safety.

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Honda Super Cub C125 Description

The Honda Super Cub C125 is powered by a 4-stroke 2 valve air-cooled engine. It has a four-speed gearbox that allows the Cub to accelerate to 55mpheasily. It also comes with just enough technology and instruments including a LED headlight and taillight, transistorised ignition system, keyless ignition, and alarm system. It is also equipped with Anti-lock Braking System on the front wheel for making effective stops. It comes in two colour variant – Pearl Niltava Blue and Pearl Nebula Red.

Why Insurance is Necessary

In the UK, it is legally required to have an insurance policy before you can ride your bike on public roads. If you are caught riding without an insurance policy, you could be heavily fined. Your bike could also be seized.

Types of Insurance Policy

There are three availablebike insurance policies, with each one offering different coverage. The insurance premium you’d pay depends on the policy you choose. 

Third Party Only

A third party only plan does not cover damages to your bike or injuries you sustain. It only pays out for damages and injuries to a third party. This policy is also the minimum you can purchase and is often the cheapest.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

This policy covers you in the event your bike is damaged in a fire or stolen. It also protects you against injuries and damages to third parties’ properties.


This is often the most expensive of the policies. It coversdamages to your bike, personal injuries and cost of medical treatment. It also covers third parties’ medical treatment and damages.

Risk Factors Affecting Your Insurance Rates

An insurance premium is affected by various factors.  Some of them are:


If you live in a place that exposes your bike to theft, your insurance premium becomes higher.

Rider Experience

Inexperienced riders pay more insurance rates than bikers with relatively higher experience.


Installing added security features such as an alarm, or keeping your bike in a locked garage or shed keep your rates low.

Claims History

Having a long claims history could weigh against you when insurers are determining your premium.

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