Honda SH Mode 125 Insurance

Honda SH Mode 125 Insurance

If you own a Honda SH Mode 125, you probably know you’ve got one of the best scooters in the world, but first, you need to get your scooter insured, and that’s why we are here! Scoot Scoot is the number one scooter insurance comparison site in the UK. As the only comparison site that thousand of scooter owners trust, we source free no-obligatory quotes from our network of leading insurance providers.

The best part is, you get to choose your preferred insurance provider, we won’t compel you to pick one over the other. To access our platter of mouth-watering insurance quotes, simply fill in our online form, and you are almost through with insuring your Honda SH Mode 125.

Honda SH Mode 125 Description

Ready. Set. Go! The Honda SH Mode 125 is always ready on the go to take you anywhere you please! The Honda SH Mode 125 is built to cut through busy streets, adapt to different road surfaces, and effectively save fuel. Powered by a 125cc fuel injected engine, this unique scooter can be ridden with an A1 license and comes with practical features such as spacious under-seat storage, a sculpted headlight, front and rear brakes, ABS braking system, an easy-to-view instrument panel, and combined braking system.

Do I Need Insurance?

A lot of riders may consider getting their scooters insured a waste of time and money, but not when you reside in the UK and ride a Honda SH Mode 125. It is mandatory to get your scooter insured before hitting public roads.

Honda SH Mode 125 Insurance Policy Options

The Honda SH Mode 125 insurance premium comes in three options, with each option offering different coverage. These are;


Comprehensive insurance covers your personal injury, medical expenses, repair costs or cost of buying a new Honda SH Mode 125. This insurance option also handles third-party injuries, damages to their vehicle and properties and medical treatment. This insurance option is quite expensive but worth the extra pounds.


This insurance option is the primary insurance for all riders in the UK and covers for third-party injuries, medical expenses and damages to their vehicle or property. Third-party only does not cover personal injuries or damages to your scooter.


The third-party, fire and theft insurance option provides the same coverage as the third-party only insurance option but also, covers your Honda SH Mode 125 in the event of a fire accident or theft.

Cost of Your Honda SH Mode 125 Insurance

When it comes to getting determining the cost of your Honda SH Mode 125 insurance premium, several factors come to play. Some of these are;


Younger riders are more likely to attract more claims that older riders, as such they tend to pay higher Honda SH Mode 125 insurance premiums compared to older riders.

Riding History

If you have a lousy riding history, for instance; a riding conviction, the chances are that your Honda SH Mode 125 insurance premium will be on the high side, since you are likely to attract more claims.

Amount of Claims

If you have fewer claims, then your scooter’s insurance premium will be lesser and vice versa.

Annual mileage

Insurance companies often use the estimated annual mileage of riders to determine the cost of their insurance premium. So, if your estimated annual mileage is high, you can be sure that your premium will be on the high side.


Extensive modifications to your scooter could drastically up the cost of your Honda SH Mode 125 insurance premium.


Riders who reside in areas with a high crime rate will attract a higher Honda SH Mode 125 insurance premium compared to riders who live in less risky areas.


Fitting your scooter with security features such as alarms, locks or even immobilisers is an excellent way to keep your Honda SH Mode 125 safe and also down the cost of your insurance premium. A good alternative is to ensure parking in a safe area when not in use.

Get Your Honda SH Mode 125 Insurance Quote Today

When it comes to bringing scooter owners all over the UK the best Honda SH Mode 125 insurance deals at low prices from top insurers in the country, no other comparison site can beat Scoot Scoot. Simply fill in our form to access the best insurance deals. You can get started by requesting a quote from us; it’s free and non-obligatory. Want to reach us on the phone instead?  Contact us on 0333 577 6406.

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