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Harley-Davidson 2019 Street Bob Description

The Street Bob has everything you need to own the street and much more. It comes in a classic Bobber style, featuring mini-ape handlebars, digital instrumentation, spoked wheels, and chopped fenders. It sports a Softtail frame, but with a lightweight design for an easy ride. With its keyless ignition, USB charging port, and LED forward lighting,the Street Bob adopts a minimalist approach with technology. Other features include a sophisticated suspension technology and an easily adjustable mono-shock rear suspension.

Is Insurance Required?

It is legally required in the UK for you to insure your bike before riding it in the UK. Else, you might get your bike seized and end up paying hefty fines.

Harley-Davidson 2019 Street Bob Insurance Policy Options

Harley-Davidson 2019 Street Bob insuranceis available in three options; the Comprehensive insurance, the Third Party only, and the Third Party, Fire, and Theft policies.

Comprehensive Insurance

Thispolicy offers the most extensivecover and is often the most expensive bike policy option. It covers damages to your vehicle and injuries to you. It also protects you against damagesyou cause to properties of other persons. The policy also pays out for their medical treatment.

Third Party, Fire, and Theft

In addition to covering third pay liabilities, this insurance policy pays out if your bike is involved in a fire accident or theft.

Third Party Only

This policy covers injuries sustained by third parties and damages to their vehicle only. It doesn’t cover you or your bike. Thus, you’ll have to repair or purchase a new bike from your own pocket.

How to Reduce the Cost of Your Insurance

There are various things you can do to reduce your insurance premium. Some of them include:


If you ride your bike for pleasure and only once in a while, you could be able to reduce your insurance premium.


Installing more security features such as GPS, alarm,etc., or locking up your bike in a shed or garage reduces the cost of your Harley-Davidson 2019 Street Bob insurance premium.

Multi-Bike Policy

If you own more than a bike, you could get a multi-bike policy for all of them rather than insuring them separately.

Advanced Rider Course

By completing an advanced rider course, you could also get a reduced insurance premium.

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