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Harley-Davidson 2019 Softail Slim Description

The Softail comes with a low-slung solo saddle that matches the attitude of the bike and powered by a smooth-running Milwaukee V-Twin engine that provides quick throttle response. It comes in a traditional Softail frame that is light and easy to handle. The lighting is LED and gives excellent visibility in darkness. It comes with an easily adjustable mono-shock rear suspension that makes cornering effortless.

Is Insurance Needed?

Insuring your bike is a legal requirement in the UK. You must have at least the minimum insurance policy before you can ride on public roads. If you are caught without an insurance cover, you could be finedand your bike could also be confiscated.

Harley-Davidson 2019 Softail Slim Insurance Policy Options

There are there available policies you can purchase for your bike. They arethe Comprehensive, the Third Party, Fire and Theft and the Third Party Only policies.


This is usually the most expensive of the options and provides the broadest protection. It covers damages to your bike and properties of other people. Also, it covers the cost of treating injuries you and third parties sustain. If your bike is stolen or damaged in a fire or flood, the comprehensive policy also pays out.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

This policy, aside from covering injuries and damages you cause to other persons and their properties, covers you if your bike is stolen or damaged in a fire.

Third Party Only Policy

This policy is the minimum you can purchase. It protects you against the damages you cause to other people’s propertiesandalso pays out for the treatment of their injuries. It doesn’t cover you or your bike.

How to Reduce the Cost of Insurance

There are some things you can do to lower the cost of insuring your bike. They are:


Equipping your bike with security accessories such as an alarm or GPS reduces the cost of your Harley-Davidson 2019 Softail Slim insurance premium.

Multi-Bike Policy

Insuring your bikes under the multi-bike policy could significantly reduce the cost of insurance.

Advanced Rider Course

Upgrading your riding skills by completing an advanced rider course reduces the risk of accidents and help to lower your insurance premium.


Making changes to your bike could increase the cost of insurance. If you intend paying a low insurance premium, use the standard bike or keep adjustment to a minimum.

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