Now that you ride the Road King, you’ll need aHayley-Davidson 2019 Road King insurance policy to offer protection at the lowest price possible. Whether you want to switch from a previous policy or take out one for the first time, we’ll get you the most competitivepolicy that suits your needs. We have access to more than 40 of the top insurance underwriters in the country to get you the cheapest insurance deals for free.

Hayley-Davidson 2019 Road King Description

Give way for the king of the road! Powered by the Milwaukee-Eight V8 engine, the Road King produces smooth acceleration amidst a deep rumble. It has a Hiawatha headlamp Nacelle for low and wide beam. It is fitted with one-touch saddlebags with sleek designs and a spacious interior that carries all your equipment. The front and rear Reflex Linked Brembo brakes with ABS are linked to provide the right amount of stopping power whenever you need it.

Is Insurance Necessary?

If you want to ride your bike on public roads in the UK, you have to insureit. If you do not, you could be finedand your bike could be confiscated. Also, insuring your bike protects you against unforeseen circumstances.

Hayley-Davidson 2019 Road King Insurance Policy Types

There are three insurance policies available. They are; third party only, third party, fire and theft,and third party only policies. Each of the policies differs in what is covered as well as in cost.

Third Party Only

It covers damages and injuries you cause tothird parties and their properties. However, it does not includethe cost of repairing or replacing your bike.

Third Party, Fire andTheft

Thepolicy covers thecost of treating third parties and replacement or repair of their properties if there are damages. If your bike is stolen or is damaged in a fire, this policy also covers the cost of replacement or repair.


This offers the broadest protection and is often the most expensive. It covers the cost of damages to your bike, medical treatment and personal injuries. It also protects you againstthird-party liabilities.

How to Reduce the Cost of Insurance

Various factors determine your insurance rate such as location, your age, etc. However, you can reduce your premium by doing the following:


By installing security accessories such as GPS, an alarm on your bike or keeping it in a locked shed, your insurance premium could be lower.


To reduce insurance cost, do not alter the appearance of your bike. Ifyou must, keep it to a minimum.

Multi-Bike Policy

The multi-bike policy covers more than one bike at a time, enabling you to get a reduced premium.

Voluntary Excess

If you choose to pay a higher excess than the compulsory excess, then you could reduce your premium.

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