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Harley-Davidson 2019 Iron 1200 Description

A 1200cc revolution engine drives the Iron 1200, offering accelerated excitement during rides. Its blacked-out finishes, from exhaust to seat is designed for urban life. The tank graphic takes its inspiration from the ‘70s, giving the bike a retro look. Other features include the café solo seat made for great comfort, black mini-ape handlebars and 9-spoke cast aluminium wheels.

Is Insurance Required?

Yes, insuring your Iron 1200 is mandatory if you intend riding it on public roads in the UK. Going against this regulation could lead to the confiscation of your bike.

Harley-Davidson 2019 Iron 1200 Insurance Policy Options

You can choose from the three available insurance policies. Each of these options offers different coverage and differs in cost:

Third Party Only

This policy is the minimum policy you can purchase. It protects you against third party liabilities only.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

The third-party, fire, and theft policy pays out for the same as third-party only but also includes coverage for your Iron 1200 in case it is stolen or damaged by fire.


The comprehensive insurance policy is often the most expensive of the three options. It basically protects you against any eventualities; covering damages to your bike and injuries to you. It also protects you against third-party liabilities.

How to Reduce Your Insurance Premium

There are various things you can do to reduce the cost of insuring your bike. Some of these are:


Riders who make changes to their bike pay a high premium.  Hence, to get reduced insurance cost, you shouldn’t alter the appearance of your bike. If you must, make as little changes as possible.


An excellent way to decrease the cost of your premium is by installing security accessories on your bike or ensuring that itis always kept in a safe place.

Voluntary Excess

You could also agree to pay a higher excess. This move could significantly reduce your insurance costs.


You have a better chance of paying a lower premium if you limit your bike’s usage to social or pleasure rides.

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