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Harley-Davidson 2019 Electra Glide Description

The ever-powerful Milwaukee-Eight V-twin engine produces a smooth ride and a deep rumble to go with it. It adopts a minimalist technology approach with glove box and electronic cruise control system for you to enjoy the ride. The seat, solo touring, comes with the comfort and support necessary to survive the long haul. It also has a batwing fairing that delivers air flow and mid-height windshield that protects you from the elements. With a high performing rear suspension and valve suspension, you are in control of a smooth ride.

Is Insurance Needed?

Riding your 2019 Electra Glide Standardon UK roads without insurance is a violation of the law. If you are caught, your bike could be confiscated. Also, insuringyour bikeprotects you against eventualities should you be involved in an accident.

Harley-Davidson 2019 Electra Glide Standard Insurance Policy Types

There are three different Harley-Davidson 2019 Electra Glide Standard insurance policies. The policies offer different protection at varying cost.

Third Party Only

This is the minimum policy you can purchase. It does not provide any cover to you or your bike but protects you against injuries and damages to third parties and their properties.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

The Third Party, Fire and Theft policyprotects you against third parties involved in an accident. Also, it covers the cost of replacement or repair of your bike if it is stolen or damaged in a fire.


This policy covers the cost of damages to your Electra Glide and the properties of third parties. It also covers the medical expenses of you and any third party involved.

How to Reduce the Rate of Insurance

Some of the ways you can reduce your insurance premium include:

Advanced Rider Course

If you complete an advanced rider course, you could reduce your Harley-Davidson 2019 Electra GlideStandard insurance premium.

Multi-Bike Policy

You can opt for the multi-bike policy if you have more than a bike to save cost.


Always keep your bike locked in a garage when not in use or invest in GPS, alarms or other devices to get reduced premium.

Voluntary Excess

You can choose to increase your voluntary excess if you intend paying a lower insurance premium.

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