Electric scooter insurance

Electric scooter insurance

Scooters have always been a cost-effective way to get around and with electric models, they’ve become even cheaper. Add to that their near-zero impact on the environment and it is easy to understand their growing appeal. With such low running costs, logic suggests you should buy budget electric scooter insurance – and that’s where we can help. As the UK’s most popular scooter insurance comparison online site, we specialise in sourcing great insurance deals for scooter riders. Working with a network of the country’s leading insurers, we’ll shop around for the best electric scooter insurance deal available. By best, we mean a policy that gives you the right level of cover at the lowest possible price.

Apply today for electric scooter insurance

We know you’re keen to be riding your new scooter, so we’ve made applying for a quote straightforward. Just type in some details about yourself and your scooter and stipulate what level of cover you require. You can also apply by phone if you prefer – just give us a call. Either way, we’ll get to work to find you the most competitive electric scooter insurance deal around. And you won’t have long to wait to compare quotes and decide whether or not to proceed. We also offer great rates for scooter insurance renewal

Why choose us?

Sourcing electric scooter insurance can be tricky and underwriters often charge too much or don’t write policies for electric scooters. We have a panel of insurers who understand the market and you won’t pay over the odds for a policy. So whether this is your first electric scooter or you’re switching from a conventional bike, you’ll find you cheap scooter insurance

Do you need insurance?

You need insurance to ride a scooter on UK roads, including electric scooters. This can come as a surprise to some riders but if you’re caught without insurance the penalties can be severe. Third party is the minimum level of cover you need although you may want more protection, depending on your usage.

Your choice of cover

The three types of electric scooter insurance are as follows:

  • Third party only – covers you for third party injury and damage to property, but you and your scooter aren’t insured.
  • Third party fire & theft – extra cover that insures you if your bike is stolen or is damaged in a fire.
  • Comprehensive insurance – covers you and your scooter, including the cost of repairing or replacing your scooter in the event of an accident.

Policy add-ons and discounts

When you fill in the online form, you’ll have the option of upgrading your cover. For instance, breakdown cover may be important if you plan to commute on your scooter every day. Helmet and leather cover, legal cover, or multi-bike insurance may also be extra features you want. Meanwhile, special offers to check for include limited mileage discounts and lower premiums for more experienced riders. With our service, you’ll be able to see at a glance what you’re getting for your money.

We’re here to help

If you own a road-legal electric scooter, we can source the best deal on insurance in a matter of minutes. All quotes are free and you’re under no obligation to go ahead. All we do promise is that if you’ve already shopped around, we’ll beat your cheapest scooter insurance quote