Bullit Heritage Insurance

Looking for a classic bike that never misses out on modern add-ons? Then you should look at the Bullit Heritage. This is a highly popular bike with many fans thanks to its blend of vintage style with modern function. The end result is a lightweight bike that comes with a very comfortable riding style, perfect for newbies who want to keep their engine size to the 50cc and below range.

Heritage is a Euro 4 ride, so it offers tremendous fuel economy and value for money. However, to get even more bang for your buck, you should absolutely look to pick up Bullit Heritage insurance at the best rate. Use our insurance comparison tool today, and you can get everything you need to get your hands on the most affordable insurance offers.

Keep your Bullit Heritage on the road with insurance

The Bullit Heritage offers a 49cc engine wrapped up in a very impressive Euro 4 friendly design. A lightweight 80kg weight makes sure you are riding a bike which is very easy to handle even for smaller riders.

Of course, the Bullit Heritage also comes in a 125cc range so you might wish to step up to the stronger model if you so choose. Whatever you choose, though, this is a top quality range of Bullit scooters that can be very easy to control no matter where you need to go.

Boasting fantastic fuel economy, excellent riding comfort, and great visibility with strong lighting at night, the Bullit Heritage makes sure you are never uncomfortable when riding at night. Perfect for city commutes, weekend fun, and those looking to test riding out for themselves, the Bullit Heritage should be high-up on your list of chosen options.

  • Improve the experience of your ride with insurance to cover any eventuality.
  • Add in the best insurance options provided by the most reputable providers.
  • Get bespoke Bullit Heritage insurance tailored to your own riding history.
  • Add on anything you feel is missing with the help of Bullit Heritage insurance add-ons.

Bullit Heritage insurance policy options

Make sure you can have some fun on the road by knowing you are fully covered before taking off. Typically, those who own a Bullit Heritage will be looking for insurance in one of three categories:

  • Third Party Insurance. Get yourself on the road though you will have cover only for third party claims, not personal.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance. On top of the above, protects your Bullit Heritage from a fire incident or from theft.
  • Comprehensive Insurance. Provides full coverage for your Bullit Heritage in terms of insurance in the event of an incident, with both personal and third party claims cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can I drive my Bullit Heritage?

The Bullit Heritage is able to be driven from age sixteen at 50cc, and age seventeen at 125cc.

Do I need a license to ride my Bullit Heritage?

You must have a valid CBT license to ride the Bullit Heritage at both engine levels.

Do I need insurance to ride my Bullit Heritage?

Yes, regardless of the model chosen you must have insurance

for your Bullit Heritage.