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Try us if you own a BMW motorbike and want the best deal on motorcycle insurance. We’re confident we can help you find a quote with a price to suit your budget. We only compare motorcycle insurance products, nothing else. Every day we find great deals on BMW motorcycle insurance for our customers. We compare BMW motorcycle insurance prices from over 30 leading insurers and brokers. Simply complete our online quote form or if you’d prefer to get a quote by phone, we will be happy to help. Either way, receive a quote for cheap motorcycle insurance.

Applying for a free quote is straightforward and only takes a few minutes. We’ll ask you to provide some personal information and you and your circumstances and details about your BMW motorcycle, including the make and model.  You’ll also need to state what type of insurance cover you require from one of three options: third party only, third party fire & theft insurance or comprehensive insurance. We’ll explain what each type of policy covers in the section below. Submit your application, we’ll search for the best price. We’re an independent comparison site, we will never try and steer you towards a particular insurer. Our sole mission is to find the best motorcycle deal out there.

Choose your BMW motorcycle insurance

German manufacturer BMW produced its first motorcycle in 1923, the R32 model. This model had a flat-twin boxer engine, one of the configurations still used by BMW Motorcycles today. Owning a BMW motorcycle is to be part of motorcycling history. Finding the insurance policy that protects you and your motorbike is important. The three main types of insurance cover available in the UK are as follows:

  • Third party insurance. What does third party motorcycle insurance cover? The minimum level of insurance you can have to legally ride on UK roads. It will cover you for injury to a third party and damage to the third party’s vehicle or property. It does not insure you for personal injury or damage to your motorbike.
  • Third party fire and theft. As above but you’ll also be insured against your motorbike being stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Comprehensive insurance. as the name suggests, this is the most complete level of protection. In addition to the policies above, you’ll be covered for any damage to your bike, including if you are involved in an incident that’s your fault.

Look for discounts and special offers

Whichever type of policy you decide is right for you, our site is a quick way of getting a quote but when comparing insurers make sure you also check for any special offers. Most providers will offer a discount if you have a history of zero-claims, but check for other incentives such as free extras or discounts off additional policy options such as breakdown cover.

Your personalised quote for BMW motorcycle insurance

It’s important that give honest answers to all questions as failure to do so could invalidate your policy.  It’s also important that you fully understand the terms and conditions of the policy before deciding to go ahead, so please go through everything carefully once you’ve clicked through to your chosen broker or insurer’s website.

Some tips to reduce your premium

How much is motorcycle insurance? The premium you pay is decided by many factors such as where you live, your occupation, and whether you plan to commute to and from work with your motorbike. Moving to a lower risk area may not be an option, but there are other ways you can cut the cost of your annual premium.

  • Shop around – or better still use our site to find the best possible insurance deal by letting us shop around for you.
  • Opt to pay more excess on any claims you make. Most policies ask you to pay a fixed sum if you make a claim in future; by opting to increase this sum, you may be able to reduce your overall premium.
  • Only claim if you really have to by paying for minor repairs yourself. This will keep your no-claim record intact which will earn you a bigger discount when you renew your policy.
  • Avoid modifications to your motorbike, as these can be expensive to repair and will incur a higher premium on your policy.
  • Some insurers will offer lower premiums for riders with advanced skills. Courses are run by the Institute of Advanced Motorists and the British Motorcyclists federation.

Apply now for your motorcycle insurance quote

Why waste time searching through different insurers’ sites when we can do it for you? A single application means you’ll have access to over 30 of the top insurers in the UK, giving you the best possible chance of finding the most competitive price. Apply today!

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