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Easy to ride and cool to own, scooters are a much-loved mode of transport in the UK. Running costs are also pretty low but one overhead you can’t avoid is insurance. That said, finding a competitive deal isn’t always easy as dedicated scooter insurers can be thin on the ground. But this is where we can help. As the country’s favourite scooter insurance comparison site, we specialise in sourcing great policies for our customers. So it’s no idle boast to say we can get you a low scooter insurance cost. It’s what we do every day for scooter riders up and down the country. How do we manage it? By working with a network of insurers who understand scooters and will tailor a policy to suit your usage.

Try us and see for yourself

To find the cheapest and the best scooter insurance UK-wide, simply complete our online form and hit enter. You’ll only have to fill in one form to access our panel of leading scooter insurers to compare quotes. Applying is free and you’re under no obligation to go ahead at any stage. We will then search scooter insurance companies to find you the best deal. Because we operate independently, we won’t try and push you towards a particular insurer. The decision is yours alone and you should only proceed if you’re happy with the scooter insurance quote

You and your scooter

You’ll have to provide some personal details and information about the scooter you wish to insure. You need to include your name and address, age, what type of licence you have, and your occupation. You’ll also need to say what level of cover you want (for more information, see below). Include the make and model of your scooter, and give details of your usage, annual mileage, etc. Remember, your quote will be based on your answers, so please provide up-to-date information. This will help to secure the best scooter insurance in the UK, and also avoid problems with any future claims. If you need help completing your application or prefer to do it over the phone, we’ll be happy to assist.

Choose your policy type

When it comes to scooter insurance you’re faced with three choices: third party, third party fire & theft, and comprehensive. Before choosing, consider the main features of each.

  • Third-party insurance: this is the minimum level of insurance you need to ride on UK roads. It covers you for third-party injury and damage to their vehicle, but you and your scooter are not insured.
  • Third-party fire & theft: on top of the above cover, you’re also insured against theft of your scooter or being damaged by fire.
  • Comprehensive: this type of policy offers complete cover for you and your scooter. In addition to third-party cover, you and your scooter are fully insured. Typically, comprehensive insurance is the most expensive option.

Find the best scooter insurance UK today

Whichever level of insurance you go for, we’ll find you the best deal at the most competitive price. And that’s a promise! Apply now and you could be fully covered sooner than you think.

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