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The Aprilia name may be more widely known in connection with superbikes and road racing, but this famous Italian company also produces a range of popular scooters. Aprilia launched the first all-plastic scooter on the market in 1990 and has continued to innovate with a series of stylish and beautifully engineered scooters in a range of engine sizes. As scooter fans, we admire Aprilia models such as the Leonardo, the Gulliver, and the SR, but we won’t try and tell you which one’s the coolest. What we can do if you own an Aprilia is help you to find a great deal on insurance, so you know that whatever happens, you and your beloved Aprilia will be properly covered.

We’re passionate about scooters and we get a real buzz out of finding the best deals on scooter insurance for our customers, and as a specialist comparison site – we only compare scooter and motorcycle insurance – we have access to over 40 of the country’s top insurers. If you’re looking for best-value Aprilia scooter insurance, we know we can help. Applying for a scooter insurance quote is free, only takes a few minutes to process, and you’re under no obligation to go ahead with any of the quotes you receive. We operate independently and are not partnered with any insurers, so we won’t try and ‘sell’ you one policy over another; our focus is on tracking down the most competitive scooter insurance deals out there, leaving you to decide which one suits you best.

The easiest and quickest way to request a quote is by completing our online form, giving some brief information about yourself, some details about your scooter, including the make and model, and selecting from one of three insurance policy options: third party, third party fire & theft, or fully comprehensive. We’ll explain more about these products in a minute. In the meantime, as soon as you submit your application, we’ll start searching across the market for the policy that most aligns with your scooter usage and has an annual premium rate you’re comfortable with. You’ll only have to fill in one form to access all the leading UK insurers, or if you prefer to apply by phone, one of the team here will be happy to help.

Choosing your Aprilia scooter insurance policy

You must be fully insured before you can legally ride a scooter or motorcycle on UK roads. Being caught without insurance can have serious consequences including having to pay a fine, your scooter being seized, and possibly facing criminal charges. The type of insurance policy you buy is entirely your choice from one of the following:

  • Third party insurance: this is the cheapest option and the policy that provides you with a basic level of cover. It is also the minimum level of insurance you require to ride legally on roads in the UK. With third party, you’ll be insured for liability for injury to a third party in an accident, and also for any third party damage to his or her vehicle. You won’t be insured for personal injury or for any damage to your scooter, and will have to pay for this yourself.
  • Third party fire & theft: you get the same cover as above but will also be insured against your scooter being stolen or damaged in a fire, although your insurer may set certain conditions.
  • Fully comprehensive insurance: of the three products, comprehensive offers the most extensive cover, although it is also the most expensive type of insurance. In addition to the features provided by the two products above, you’ll be insured for any personal injury and medical treatment if you’re involved in an accident, and your scooter will also be fully insured for all repairs, or if it’s considered a write-off, the cost of a replacement scooter.

Check for any special offers or discounts

Using our site, you’ll not only be able to quickly compare premium rates for Aprilia scooter insurance, but check out what the various insurers are offering by way of special deals or discounts. If you already have a policy and have a no-claims record, you can expect to be offered a zero-claims bonus or discount. Other offers to look out for include reduced premiums for low-mileage riders, special deals for multi-rider insurance, and a reduced rate for scooter riders aged 35 and over.

Your personalised Aprilia insurance quote

You only have to fill in one application to access quotes from over 40 of the top insurers in the country, and by answering a few questions about your usage, you can personalise your Aprilia scooter insurance policy so that it matches your exact needs. It goes without saying that you should always provide accurate and up-to-date information when requesting a quote, as this is the best way of insuring the policy reflects your actual usage and is priced accordingly. This way, if you do need to put in a claim in future, you can expect to be paid out promptly and without any hassle.

Some money saving tips

Insurance is an annual cost and one that needs to be paid for as long as you continue to ride your scooter, but there are ways to reduce your premium.

  • Use our site to shop around for the best deal on scooter insurance instead of simply renewing your existing policy. Switching insurers is easy and is one of the best ways to save money.
  • By increasing your excess, you can help reduce the overall premium on your policy.
  • By avoiding making claims for minor repairs, you’ll preserve your zero-claims record, which can earn you a better discount on future policies.
  • Enhancing your riding skills by taking a recognised course from the likes of the Institute of Advanced Motorists could lead to a lower premium from some insurers.

Apply today for your scooter insurance

Every day we help scooter riders find best value insurance deals that give them the cover they need without costing a fortune. We look forward to doing the same for you!

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