Aprilia RS125 Insurance

If you want to get your hands on an excellent standard of 125cc moped, then the Aprilia RS125 is a fine choice. This is a fantastic pick for those who like versatile, road-ready mopeds that can give you a whole range off additional options and additions through its wide range of accessories. A tremendous choice for just about anyone, the Aprilia RS125 is an excellent pick-up – but like any other vehicle, you must make sure you have valid Aprilia RS125 insurance.

Keep your Aprilia RS125 on the road with insurance

Famed for its tremendous power for something so small, the Aprilia RS125 is a fantastic step up from a 50cc engine. It is designed for maximum comfort, too, making sure you are driving a Euro-5 compliant vehicle that comes with ample storage space and features. The impressive comfort that this bike is famed for comes from a highly impressive seat design, ensuring that you feel like you are seated as opposed to straddling the bike.

This is a fine mixture of power and presence, and makes a fine choice for anyone who wants to step up to something stronger. The 4-valve distribution, liquid-cooled single cylinder engine is a modern solution that gives you plenty of power without sacrificing anywhere else.

If you have an Aprilia RS125, then you must make sure you get it insured right away. With Scoot Scoot, you can compare Aprilia RS125 insurance offers in an instant.

  • Get the best deals on Aprilia RS125 insurance from the most respected names in the business.
  • Make sure your Aprilia RS125 insurance is tailored to you with a bespoke comparison quote.
  • Get deals that cover you for as much or as little coverage as you want, need, or can afford.
  • Maximise your value of your Aprilia RS125 with insurance that covers any typical eventuality.

Aprilia RS125 insurance policy options

While owning a Aprilia RS125 is a true thrill, making sure you are protected in the event of an incident is vital. That is why we recommend you take a look at our Aprilia RS125 insurance options based on the three primary insurance styles:

  • Third Party Insurance. This standard form of insurance provides you with no personal protection, but can offer coverage in the event of an accident or incident.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance. Protects your Aprilia RS125 further by ensuring that it is safeguarded from potential fire and/or theft damage.
  • Comprehensive Insurance. Insured to make sure that you, your Aprilia RS125, and anyone else involved in an incident is protected with insurance coverage and expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can I drive my Aprilia RS125?

You can begin driving a ride like the Aprilia RS125 from the age of 17 and above. Double check with the DVLA beforehand.

Do I need a license to ride my Aprilia RS125?

Yes, you must have at least your CBT license if you wish to ride a Aprilia RS125. Check with the DVLA for your own personal license requirements.

Do I need insurance to ride my Aprilia RS125?

Like any other vehicle, riding a Aprilia RS125 means making sure you have both insurance and tax on your bike.