Aprilia RS 125 Replica GP Insurance

Aprilia RS 125 Replica GP Insurance

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Aprilia RS 125 Replica GP Description

The Aprilia RS 125 Replica GP is similar to the RS 125. It is also powered by a reliable 125cc 4-stroke, single cylinder engine that provides and strength. It is equipped with a large storage space that can comfortably hold a 6” tablet as well as a USB port to conveniently recharge your smartphones.

The chassis is lightweight and compact for easy handling and agility. The balancing counter shaft has reduced vibrations to a minimum. It is equipped with an electronic system that allows riders to change gear with the throttle open and without using the clutch. Unlike the Aprilia RS 125, it is available in only one design – the GP replica.

Is Insurance Necessary?

If you have to ride your bike on UK public roads, you have to insure it. Failing to get an insurance policy is a violation of UK laws. Also, insuring your bike protects you from unexpected situations.

Types of Insurance Policies

There are three bike Aprilia RS 125 Replica GP insurance policies available. Each of the policies differs in what is covered as well as in cost.

Third Party Only

The third party only policy is the basic insurance policy you can purchase. It covers damages and injuries sustained by a third party. However, it does not cover the cost of replacement of your bike or injuries sustained by you.

Third Party, Fire and Theft 

The policy protects you against the cost of treatment of third parties and damages to their properties. It also protects you in the event your bike is damaged in a fire or stolen.


The comprehensive policy covers the cost of damages to your bike, medical treatment and personal injuries.It also covers third parties, protecting you against damages to their properties and cost of medical treatment.

Factors that Affect Costs of Insurance

Various factors determine the rate your Aprilia RS 125 Replica GP insurance premium. Some of these are: 


If you live in an area with a high theft rate,you’ll pay a higher insurance premium.


What you use your bike for also goes a long way in determining how low or high your policy could be.


By installing extra anti-theft features such as an alarm on your bike or keeping it in a secure shed, your insurance premium becomes lower.


Modifying your bike tends to push up insurance premium. To keep insurance costs low, do not make any changes or keep changes to a minimum.

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